Palm oil – fresh on the truck

March 28, 2006

IMG_7544.JPGTruck of palm podsPalm oil is an important economic product. 


Snacks at the gas station.

March 27, 2006


While our driver was filling the gas, we were offered snacks.


Road trip

March 26, 2006


Needing to get my tourist visa stamped again I chose Lake Toba, Indonisia as a place to visit.  We hired a private car for the 4 hour ride.  Trvelling on the road provided for great insite into the local transport. This one I call – Hauling, Big and Little

View from the Ferry

March 10, 2006

View leaving PenangWay back in Jan, I took the ferry to the Island chain of Langkawi.  This is the view as I left the island of Penang.

Work interfers with play

March 10, 2006

I have been spending too much time at work to sort and download all my photos.  So I thought I would do it in more managable chucks or shall I try Рa photo per day.

 Hopefully this site can help me do that.

March 8, 2006